– Email right away if you're still interested in attending Fuel for the Fire.

Application process

Yes, you have to apply to participate in Fuel for the Fire. Why?

• Our program will be guided, in part, by the information you submit in your applications—your interests, your goals, your next steps.

• We want to make sure you’re really committed. If you have time to fill out the application by the deadline, then you probably have time to fully engage in our program.

Who’s eligible?

• Applicants must be current high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors during the program in May 2006.

• Applicants must be able to attend the entire program May 6-7, 2006, from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm both days. No, you can’t come for just one day. You can’t leave early and you can’t come late. If you have a specific question on this and want to plead your case, email us.

• Applicants must be from the New York City tri-state area.

• Applicants must demonstrate past engagement with social justice and human rights concerns (no, you do NOT need to be an active member of Amnesty International).

• Applicants demonstrate an interest and/or achievement in the arts, broadly speaking—this can mean you like to sit at home and paint, or that you participate in community theater, or that you secretly write poems, or anything at all—tell us all about it in your application. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been published / exhibited / presented in public before—we just care that you’re a creative person committed to thinking things through in creative, thoughtful, and unique ways.

Ready to apply? It’s easy as 1-2-3:

1. E-mail us at right away to let us know that you are interested in attending. (Don't worry, it's not too late!)

2. Download and complete the application below (or as much as you can).

FftF Application (Word doc)

FftF Application (rich text format)

3. Return the application to us by e-mail. We are currently accepting late registration applications, so keep them coming!

– If you’d like, send us samples of your work by e-mail or mail—work samples are optional.

Application and Work sample e-mail:

Work sample mailing address:
AI Firefly, 178 East 2nd Street, #2A, New York, NY, 10009

Questions about the application process?

E-mail Deanna at

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