Hey you! Looking for ways to integrate your political concerns and your theater / painting / filmmaking/public art / interdisciplinary interventions?
Interested in new strategies for thinking critically about the relationship between art and activism? Need resources for raising funds, pulling off giant projects, and getting your work into the world (and out of your bedroom / computer / sketchbook)? Ready to spend a weekend learning from artists who have successfully negotiated the rocky terrain of art and activism?
Got energy to burn?

Fuel for the Fire is an intensive two-day leadership convention for a group of twenty emerging activist artists.

Hosted by Amnesty International Firefly Project, the weekend will provide two things:

• An in-depth introduction to a range of strategies for integrating
activism and the arts.

• In-depth conversations with young local artists who have successfully (whatever that means!) explored these issues, sharing their ideas and suggestions.

By the end of the weekend, you’ll know:

• Which of the hundreds of ideas floating around in your head is a viable project.

• How to create a timeline, find partners, and raise money (don’t worry—even if you don’t need to do those things now, you will someday).

• How to get your work experienced by the general public—outside mainstream media and distribution channels.

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