Amnesty International Firefly Project is a NYC-based collective that produces public events, including workshops, gallery exhibitions, screenings, dialogues and discussions, conferences and festivals, and concerts.
Firefly works to raise awareness of human rights issues and support the exchange of ideas, strategies, motives, and methods for creating art that is politically and socially engaged.

Amnesty International Firefly Project is affiliated with Amnesty International USA as local group #704 and as a pilot project for the Northeast Region.

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The New York City Women's Human Rights Action Team is a chartered Local Group (No. 701) of Amnesty International-USA. The group is city-wide and committed to fighting for the full range of human rights for all women, everywhere. The NYC Women’s Action Team is member-driven and semi-autonomous: we decide, within the broad parameters of Amnesty policy, what actions we'll do, and we plan, organize, publicize and do them ourselves, usually in collaboration with other progressive organizations and other Amnesty groups and campaigns.   The monthly meetings of the AIUSA NYC Women's Action Team feature a presentation or training. The rest of the meeting includes a brief orientation for new and returning members, reports on events being organized by action committees (including those on Trafficking, Violence Against Women in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings, NYCHRI, and work against violence against women in Pakistan in coalition with the Asian-American Network Against Abuse of Women [ANAA]), women's human rights issues updates, announcements, and new ideas and plans for public education work and political actions. The trainings alternate monthly between speakers on HR issues/principles and workshops on media work, community organizing, planning direct actions, and other practical topics.

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